Episode Two – Look at the size of that Noggin

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– [https://researchnot.es/dewg-testing-5th-dec/](https://researchnot.es/dewg-testing-5th-dec/)
– nodenogg.in
– @nodenoggin (?) Twitter
– [https://mobile.twitter.com/nodenoggin](https://mobile.twitter.com/nodenoggin)

Cory Doctorow: Piracy vs. Obscurity

Lawrence Lessig: Free Culture

Open Source vs. Proprietary

This needs to be expanded upon… There’s a lot in here. Free ≠ Free (Explain.)

The benefits of an shared (and sharing) culture. Also, ideas evolve as they are passed from A to B to C…

Ownership and copyright.

The Verve and The Rolling Stones


Copyright vs. Creative Commons

Everything is a remix.


What is this? A little more on this… stress how incredible it is that anyone, anywhere can now distribute their ideas for games… No more gatekeepers.


> [itch.io](http://itch.io/). It’s a marketplace for hosting indie games with a ‘pay what you want’ pricing model. Anyone can quickly upload their game and then customize the game’s page.

We are extending ourselves – as humans – into digital space. The iPhone, etc, extends us… We extend it… Aral Balkan. https://ar.al

A big one: VC × EdTech

Often the data is where the value resides (we are often the product).

Audrey Watters


Co-Creation ≠ Collaboration

Digital and Physical

NN is designed for use in studios as much as it’s designed for virtual spaces (OK?).

*Designed to instantly extend activities within a shared physical space of the design / education studio into shared virtual spaces. *

Anonymity: Pros and Cons.

I actually wonder if there is any cons…

RIP: a Remix manifesto (documentary)

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